Writer, Producer, Actor

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Michael started his career as an athlete.  After his freshman year in college, Michael was drafted into the North American Soccer league as a goalie, and by the Pittsburgh Pirates as a pitcher.  Instead, he chose to play on the professional tennis tour where he was good enough to have to been beaten by some of the best players in the world, including Jimmy Connors, Roscoe Tanner, and Harold Solomon.

In New York City, Michael studied acting with legendaries Stella Adler, Michael Shurtleff and David LeGrant. He starred in several independent films and in many off-Broadway shows. Michael had a recurring role on “Mama’s Family” and was a series regular on the CBS soap opera, “Capitol”.

As a casting assistant for Sylvester Stallone's White Eagle productions, Michael worked on Rambo, Rocky IV, and several movies of the week. He worked with numerous other production companies including Glen Larson Productions.

Michael served as a judge at the Cable ACE awards for five years.  He also worked as a talent agent for Stephan Gray Artists in Beverly Hills.

Michael began producing films at Roger Corman’s Concorde-New Horizons where he co-produced Terror in Paradise, in which he also co-starred. During the 8-week shoot in the Philippines, the cast was held hostage at gunpoint for six days during a coup attempt on the government. Michael also produced Two Weeks from Sunday, starring Ed Asner and HARVEST M00N, directed by Steven Sprung. Michael recently completed producing and starring in the feature film, DISPATCH, which was also directed by Steven Sprung.